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About Us

At Ideal Kiosks we help you find a top quality, beautiful, comfortable and functional steel kiosk to rent on a long-term basis. Our kiosks cover a range of applications including flower, food and beverage, newsagent and merchandise kiosks as well as information and ticket sales booths. Please feel free to call or email us any enquiry concerning rental fees, contract period, technical specifications and any other information that you might need.

Product Description

Our kiosks come in two sizes: the standard “SMART” model, measuring 4.50 x 2.10 metres (14.76 x 6.89 feet), and the slightly smaller “Mini-SMART” model, measuring 3.50 x 2.10 metres (11.48 x 6.89 feet).  A top and a bottom metal frames linked by four steel columns and a steel wall on the rear side constitute the kiosk’s structural components. All kiosks feature roller shutters on the other three sides. Awnings and an alarm system can be added if requested.

Installation Requirements

Our kiosks are semi-permanent structures. They are delivered fully assembled on site and can be occasionally moved using a forklift. Tenants must secure planning consent, building authorisation, licenses and other approvals necessary to install and operate the kiosk. They should also carry out any site-enabling works as needed and must ensure that the lorry delivering the kiosk has easy and safe access to the site. Our staff may be able to advise you on the above.


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